Visal .In lives in a matrix

He is just an ordinary guy who lives in the matrix known as "Earth". He struggles to navigate the world, just like you. He turns to programming as a means to free himself and get closer to finding the answer to escape this reality

Where to find him?

This person travels frequently, making it difficult to pinpoint their exact location. However, there are several places you can try to locate him.


Cofounder - L192

2011 till present

He started as a one-man developer and implemented everything from order management, supply chain systems, payment, and logistics systems to mobile development for the first several years. Currently, he only provides technical consulting..

Cofounder - Mediaload

2012 till present

He began as a one-man developer. For the first several years, he implemented everything from a Content Management System (CMS) to an advertising platform. Currently, he only provides technical consulting.

Founder - KhmerCoder Community

2018 till present

Gather like-minded people to share new technology, inform about job opportunities, and discuss our stress levels and trash talk about new technology

Developer Circle Lead in Phnom Penh - Facebook


He just scheduled a bunch of meetings and convinced local developers to use Facebook developer products. It was nothing special.

Senior Developer - Manich Enterprise


Write a bunch of things. It was a fun experience there.